The Faculty

This kind of learning environment is extremely rare even in top universities, it’s very hard to bring all those perspectives in one learning environment.
— Robert J. Jackson - Professor at Columbia University

Since its inception, our program has been developed thanks to a constant interaction with outstanding international professors and business leaders.

Past years faculty included:

Bill Emmott (The Economist)
Riccardo Illy (illy Group)
Maria Pierdicchi (Luxottica)
Ron Johnson (Apple, Enjoy)
Renzo Rosso (Diesel Jeans)
Paolo Baratta (La Biennale di Venezia)
Laura Miller (The Guggenheim, New York)
Sree Sreenivasan (The MET, New York)
Roopa Unnikrishnan (Center10)
Annalisa Merelli (Quartz)
Alexandra Fattal (The Economist)
Luca Enriques (Oxford University)
Margaret Hagan (Stanford University)
Norman Bishara (University of Michigan)
JJ Prescott (University of Michigan)
Erik Gordon (University of Michigan)
Lynn Stout (Cornell Law School)
Richard Squire (Fordham Law School)
Michael Bloom (Michigan Law School)
Yoram Wind (University of Pennsylvania)