Italy as a Campus

We take you inside the production facilities of leading Italian companies that unveil the secrets of their value creation and show the meticulous attention to details in the quality-centric production processes.

We take you where tradition is respected and is the cornerstone around which new knowledge is constantly created.


Benetton Marketing and Communication Research Center - Treviso

Fabrica is a communication research center, integral part of the Benetton Group and it was established in 1994 by Luciano Benetton. 
Fabrica is a 17th-century villa, restored and significantly augmented by renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando. This project included the creation of study areas, laboratories, offices, facilities such as a library and auditorium, a cinema, meeting and refreshment areas. The use of natural elements, such as light and air, as part of the architecture reaches its climax in the huge elliptical piazza, excavated eight metres deep.

Palazzo Durini


Palazzo Durini is a baroque palace, located in the Milan Fashion District, certainly one of the most important and beautiful civil buildings of the Architect Richini. It was built between 1645 and 1648.